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Man Out Of Jail

Follow Ben's journey when his home is destroyed and he is evacuated to the country during WW2. Here, he must learn to come to terms with all things unfamiliar and put aside his resentment. But the 'bogeyman' from his past is still around to torment and undermine him. His friendship with Gino, who the villagers believe 'might be a spy', is tested time and time again...but yes, there is something about the Italian...What is it, what is it that makes Gran so interested in his movements? And why do weird messages keep appearing in the culvert...?

Lighting Strike
a novel for children aged 10 - 14

Lightning Strike is available both as a Kindle e-book
and as a "real" book.

Read the first few pages HERE and purchase a Kindle copy HERE.

You can buy the paperback copy direct from Christine; please see the Contact page for details,
or from Lulu publishing or order from any good bookshop quoting ISBN 978-1-326-11376-6



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