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Lightning Strike

Sam's mum said young people didn't know the meaning of worry. She was totally wrong. It might have been OK if he'd had a Worry Doll from Guatemala to put under his pillow but only girls like Charmaine would do that. It was a sort of charm, a bit like a Dream Catcher but he didn't have one of those either. So what could he do to rid himself of a guilt that lurked in every corner of his mind? 'He could tell the truth, but heck, no!' Sam thought. He could only imagine the consequences...but then consequences are what Sam's story is all about. And then there was Robbo...yeah, Gorilla Face. When he thought about him there was little room for anything else.

Lighting Strike
a novel for children aged 9 - 11

Lightning Strike is available both as a Kindle e-book
and as a "real" book.

Read the first few pages HERE and purchase a Kindle copy HERE.

You can buy the paperback copy direct from Christine; please see the Contact page for details,
or from Lulu publishing or order from any good bookshop quoting ISBN 978-0-244-31349-4



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