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Kindred Spirits

Afraid and cold, Bethany yearned for the cosy warmth of her bed but a swathe of mist rose like a sea fret. Behind it, shrouded in a dervish whirl of grey gossamer, a dark form was beckoning. Bethany drew back. A woman...yes, it was a woman with sad, unforgiving eyes who seemed to be drawing her in …..

Kindred Spirits
A novel for older children aged 13+
and young at heart adults)

Kindle Spirit is available both as a Kindle e-book
and as a "real" book.

Read the first few pages HERE and purchase a Kindle copy HERE.

You can buy the paperback copy direct from Christine; please see the Contact page for details,
or from Lulu publishing or order from any good bookshop quoting ISBN 978-1-326-00590-0



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